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About Mind Matters

Mind Matters provide face to face Counselling Services in Leicester & Online anywhere geographically and offer practical help and support for your mind.
Specialists in working with Student Counselling within Higher Education, the Recovery Field, Gender & Sexual Diversity and Trauma. If you need help with issues that have arisen during the corona virus pandemic and lockdown contact us for counselling support.

More about our Approaches to your Counselling Needs

Mind Matters in Leicester offers both open-ended or shorter, more focused counselling therapy to individuals over eighteen and believes that working collaboratively to explore life’s experiences can be illuminating, beneficial to healing and aid positive life changes. If you are outside of Leicester we can of course do online sessions.

Costs start at £45 per session

Shorter term approaches may include areas such as:

  • Student Counselling within Higher Education
  • Adapting to New Challenges
  • Managing Feelings during Corvid19 lockdown
  • Struggles with Health & Life Changes
  • Recovery Journeys that have Progressed
Student Counselling Services in Leicester
Leicester Counselling Services with Mind Matters

Longer Term Counselling Needs

Whether you need shorter or longer term counselling depends on a number of factors. If you experienced major trauma for example, thought patterns and behaviours can take more time to learn to change, although it depends on how you work with the belief that everything can change and start using your own mind as an ally & powerful tool in changing thoughts and feelings about the events that occur in life. 

Loger term approaches may include areas such as:

  • Trauma
  • Adapting to Major life Changes
  • Gender & Sexual Diversity
  • Patterns of Thinking that have become Ingrained
  • Recovery Journeys
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